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About us

Who is Promat International

Promat is recognized worldwide as the market leader in passive fire protection and high temperature insulation applications. The group employs nearly 1400 people and has operations and production units around the world.

Promat is a dynamic part of Etex Group, a Belgian owned industrial group and global organization with more than 18000 dedicated employees, manufacturing and marketing high quality building materials and insulation systems. Etex Group is present in over 40 countries across the globe.

Promat HPI (High Performance Insulation) is the business unit within Promat that focuses on the manufacture of innovative insulation products and solutions and the design of insulation systems for applications in various market segments, from industrial applications to domestic appliances... and many more. We are the leading manufacturer in the world of calcium silicate and microporous insulation products, our two core technologies.

 High Performance Insulation (HPI) business unit 

 Fire Protection (FP) business unit

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Promat International NV acts both as the group's headquarters worldwide and as the sales organization for the following departments:

  • Fire Protection Belgium & Luxemburg
  • High Performance Insulation Benelux
  • High Performance Insulation Export (= countries where Promat doesn’t have a local sales company, for example Norway, Sweden, Finland, South-Africa, Turkey, etc.)
In most other countries both business units (Fire Protection & High Performance Insulation) are part of the local sales company.

Our technologies

Our highly skilled R&D teams constantly develop new products and material formulations to meet changing market needs and the most demanding requirements from our customers around the world.

The majority of our products are based on our 2 core technologies:

Calcium silicate technology

Calcium silicate is created by a controlled chemical reaction of lime and silica forming an engineered mineral matrix structure with specially sized crystals, leading to outstanding thermal & mechanical performances.

Our calcium silicate range is highly diversified with regard to chemical composition and mineral matrix, texture, density, and process method. It can be divided into groups according to density (low, medium, high density insulation products from 240kg/m³ up to 1400kg/m³) or according to application type (high performance calcium silicates, structural calcium silicates, technical calcium silicates, composite insulation boards). Each group has its very specific characteristics. However, the general benefits of the technology can be summarised as follows:

  • High compressive strength
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Resistance to chemical agents
  • Low shrinkage
  • High temperature stability over time

All product types can be produced in different shapes, such as pipe sections and segments, which are are frequently used in the petrochemical industry as thermal insulation for hot pipe supports and as piping insulation.

For more information please request our calcium silicate insulation brochure on

Microporous technology - MICROTHERM

Microporous products are well-known for their high temperature resistance and extremely low thermal conductivity. They are based on an opacified blend of filament reinforced pyrogenic silica or alumina, which is pressed to a carefully controlled density.

Our MICROTHERM product range is one of the widest on the market and comprises rigid and flexible panels, boards, machined parts, moulded pipe sections and free-flowing microporous granules. A lot of these products are available in different temperature grades from 1000°C up to as high as 1200°C. This means that our microporous insulation can be applied in practically any type of application, even where complex geometries are generally a concern in terms of installation design. The unbeatable thermal performance of MICROTHERM insulation results in a number of benefits such as:

  • Reduced insulation thickness
  • Reduced insulation weight
  • Possibility to save space
  • Possibility to increase the internal capacity
  • Reduction of heat loss resulting in energy savings

For more information please request our microporous insulation brochure on

SLIMVAC vacuum insulated panels (VIP) are the latest extension of the MICROTHERM family. Taking the microporous technology even further, air is extracted from the microporous core, leading to enveloped panels with an extremely low thermal conductivity of only 7mW/mK.

Completing our calcium silicate & MICROTHERM product range, Promat HPI offers following products:

  • PROMAGLAF bio soluble fibres
  • ALCEN-1600 high alumina fibres
  • DALFRATEX high purity silica textiles(> 98% silica)
  • NEFALIT high temperature gaskets
  • MICATECH vermiculite boards
  • PROMATON insulating fire bricks
  • High temperature glues
  • High temperature textiles

Engineered Solutions

Besides offering a wide portfolio of standard products, our people and their ability to develop and provide solutions are our strongest asset. With numerous technical/engineering offices and workshops at our disposal worldwide, providing tailor made engineered solutions to our customers is daily business.

The core elements of our "engineered solutions" strategy are:

  • Problem analysis and thermal calculations
  • Product selection
  • Application and system design
  • Performance testing and verification
  • Co-ordination and installation support

“Promat High Performance Insulation - the worldwide reference in thermal insulation solutions"

Production, Quality and Environment

Each manufacturing plant focuses on a specific technology in line with our global strategy based on cost leadership by optimization of technologies and “best fit” of production technology. Promat has plants in Belgium, Japan, USA, UK, Italy, China, and other parts of the world. Throughout our group only the highest quality is acceptable and all manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This ensures the production of only high class products at consistent high quality.

We believe passionately in preserving our environment for future generations. In keeping with our on-going focus on health and safety issues, the Promat Group complies with REACH, an important European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use (EC 1907/2006) and has certified its production plants to OHSAS 18001. Moreover, Promat is one of the first European companies to subscribe to a full environmental management control policy, promoted within the EC, known as ECO AUDIT. We voluntarily implement non contaminating production techniques in our plants and we are constantly improving our operations in order to create a careful, environmentally friendly manufacturing policy for our workers, the people living nearby and the surrounding countryside.